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    Our Commitment To The Environment

    We are in the caring profession and while for the most part that means caring about delivering products that improve the quality of life for our customers, it also means we care about the environment too.

    We’ve appointed an internal team of environmental champions who keep an eye on us to make sure our day to day lives in the workplace are as environmentally friendly as possible.

    We believe every business, no matter the size, has a role to play in the race to net zero and have made the SME Climate Hub Commitment, taking us one step closer to our net zero goal.

    B Corp Certification:

    In May 2023 we certified as B Corp, which is recognised as the highest standard for social corporate responsibility. B Corp certification measures a company’s entire social and environmental impact, including everything from employee wellbeing to carbon footprint. Read more about B Corp certification here

    Since B-Lab was founded in 2006, over 200,00 businesses have taken the B Impact Assessment, but only 6,400 have been successful. Within the UK there are currently only 1,200 B Corp certified companies. The B Corp assessment measures our company’s performance in the following areas: Workers, Customers, Community, Governance and the Environment.

    Some of the things we have been working on within our business which helped us to reach B Corp certification include:

    1. Speaking to our key suppliers about how they can support us and align their own values with our corporate social responsibility policy.
    2. Reducing the amount of plastic in our packaging to a minimum.
    3. Offered sustainability training to all staff.
    4. Identifying areas on our production site which can improve our environmental performance. A few actions we have already taken are:
      – We have started to convert our green space into a wildflower meadow to increase biodiversity in the area
      –  Installed Swift boxes to provide a place for Swifts to nest at a safe height from the ground
      –  Begun using refillable cleaning products on site to reduce plastic waste.

    As the importance of sustainable business practices is steadily increasing, achieving B Corp certification was a key step in our sustainability journey. We are looking forward to continuing the social and environmental work to reach our Net Zero target.

    Mangar Products:

    Product wise, we are doing our very best to make sure our products are suitable for recycling.

    Take our Archimedes bath lift for example:

    • The plastic components can be ground down and remoulded to make new plastic products
    • The batteries are reprocessed by a certified company and the metals recovered
    • The rubber of the suction cups and transit ties can be ground and reused in low-grade rubber items such as shoe soles and car mats
    • The aluminium can be melted down and reused in all sorts of different aluminium based items – drinks cans, cars, even planes!

    We are also making changes to our design processes to ensure that all plastics are marked with identification symbols as endorsed by the British Plastics Federation to help identify them when recycling.

    If you would like more information on our green credentials or have any questions on how to recycle our products please do contact us.


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