Why the UK is Great for working as an OT

More and more occupational therapists are coming from New Zealand, Australia and other destinations to work in the UK. There are many reasons to come to work and live in the UK as a locum occupational therapist, with the location offering a lot opportunities for people in the industry.

For those looking to expand their skill set or develop their expertise, the UK is one of the world’s top destinations and can offer plenty of incentives for people at all stages of their career.

More location opportunities

One of the biggest advantages the UK has is that you can get from one end of the country to the other within a day. This allows locum occupational therapists to have a high level of flexibility in the positions they commit to. Even if you are located in the north of England, where the property prices are considerably cheaper, you can get to the capital in just over two hours. This means locum workers can really make the most of the opportunities on offer in the UK as location doesn’t need to be a boundary if you don’t want it to be.

This enables professionals to focus their efforts entirely on the area they want to expand to or develop their skills in, rather than being restricted to a certain location. It also means that seeing friends and family members across the UK is achievable within a weekend.

World-leading research and experts

With its high calibre of universities including Oxford, Cambridge and other ‘Red Brick’ institutions, the UK is a world leader in terms of research and development, and offers plenty of opportunities for locum occupational therapists who want to expand their skills at this level. Regardless of whether or not you want first-hand experience in cutting-edge research in your field, this has a knock-on effect on the number of roles and positions available.

As far as occupational therapy is concerned, reports suggest that stroke services in the UK are developing quickly and have the potential to be world-leading within a few years. This offers a unique chance to be significantly involved with the development of something that could dramatically change the level of service patients can receive.

Beautiful location

Although New Zealand and Australia are beautiful places with stunning coastlines, there really is no place like the UK. From the rolling moors of Yorkshire to the cultural heritage of Wiltshire, there is so much to see across the country. The best thing is you can be living and working in the heart of London, Leeds or another vibrant city, but be in the rich countryside within a few hours. This can really help people strike a positive work-life balance, and make the most of their free time.

England, Scotland and Wales also benefit from an impressive amount of museums and other institutions that celebrate the nations’ history.

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