Info-graphic: Reducing Worker Injuries In The LTC Sector

Thousands of sick days are lost every year to incorrect manual handling techniques in the LTC sector.




The Mangar Camel is an emergency lifting cushions designed to lift the frailest individual to a bariatric patient from the floor in a safe and dignified manner. The ease of use means that a person can be lifted with the help of one person, minimizing the risk of injury to both the fallen individual and the person lifting them.

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  1. Diane M Sage says:

    I live in a place where everyone is over 80 I am 66 I would like to know how much the Elk costs and where to get 1 Will Medicare cover it? I used to be a home health aid I have had a rod put into my hip an femor and then taken out Rotator cuff also I guess I might need it sometime also?Diane

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