Case Study: ARV Independent Living Centre’s Use The Mangar ELK Outdoors

“I can’t recommend this piece of equipment highly enough.”

The Mangar ELK lifting cushion was successfully introduced into several of ARV residential facilities, with great results. After risk assessing the equipment we found it particularly suitable because of its
flexibility of use when residents fell in public areas. There was no need to screen off large areas and using the ELK was less disturbing to the fallen resident and other residents who were in the general area.
Geniene Thorgersen, physiotherapist and work place trainer said, “In my opinion, using an ELK is a far more dignified way to bring a fallen resident to an upright position. It would be my choice for client’s with any cognitive impairment and those where being manually handled is a trigger to behaviour.”

The Mangar ELK is also used in garden areas and during large social occasions. It is the most discreet and comfortable way to lift an uninjured resident quickly. ARV staff commented on the safety and ease of use of the ELK. Because it is portable, it can be taken in a car and with us on days out.

The Outpatient Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy site also uses the ELK on the pool side to both raise patients up and lower them down. Geniene went on to comment, “In tight spaces, such as some of our smaller bathrooms, we had previously found assisting fallen residents difficult as the hoist was unable to fit into the space. The ELK has a much smaller footprint and can be rolled under the resident to facilitate sitting them up to the upright position and with aid of staff easily.


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