Supporting Veterans

Veterans living with conditions that effect their mobility will have an increased propensity to fall. This can impact the veteran, their caregivers and the VA.

Consequences for the veteran after a fall
The impact of a fall on a veteran can be considerable. It can cause injury, A fear of falling again can lead to reduced activity and a reduction in muscle strength, so triggering further complications.

Consequences for the VA after a fall
The impact on the VA is often a readmission of a veteran into a VA Medical Center and potentially a period of convalescence care in a VA Care Home.

Consequences for caregiver injury
The physical health of the caregiver will be severely impacted if they are regularly required to perform lift assists and support a veteran who has fallen on the floor.

Talk to us about lifting equipment which:
• Reduces admission rates
• Enables Veteran Independence
• Protects caregivers usually
loved ones and family members

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