Using equipment to retain independence

One of the biggest fears we face when growing older or after illness is the loss of independence.  You may be finding it more difficult to get in or out of the bath, sit up in bed, get out of a chair or even get your legs into bed each evening.

Also, as people age the likelihood of falling increases and sometimes find getting up again impossible.  This can lead to anxiety about being a nuisance and a fear of falling again can cause a reduction in activity

Today there is a great range of bathroombedroom, and safe lifting products available and once you’ve sourced the right piece of assistive equipment for your needs you’ll wonder why you waited so long to make a purchase. If you have decided it’s time to explore your options, there are plenty of ways to do it.

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Case Studies
After diagnosis, Jennifer learnt that her MS had caused degeneration of the seath around her nerves, this was causing loss information from her brain to her lower limbs, resulting in reduced mobility, her core strength remained good and she was able to continue working at her local Hospital with the assistance of a walking stick.
Charlotte has compartment syndrome and cellulitis which affects her legs and feet. She also has epilepsy which is tablet controlled. Her physical conditions affect her lower limb ability and she is unable to get down on the floor and back up again.
Mangar Customer, Steph, suffers pain in her knees caused by Osteoarthritis. This case study, written by OT Kate Sheehan, identifies how arthritis affects Steph’s everyday life and how using the bathing cushion allows her to bathe and feel ‘normal’ again.
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