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Mangar Health supports Occupational Therapists in the local community to provide assistive technology equipment to clients wanting to live independently at home.

As the designers of the first powered bath lift, we have been providing bathroom, bedroom and patient lifting equipment that allows independence since 1981.  Products are both durable and reliable, enabling us to support O.T’s in their duty to promote an individual’s well-being for a number of years..

  • The Mangar Camel is proven to improve the welfare and Standard of care for patients;

  • As used by OT's across the United States;

  • The Mangar Camel lifting chair is designed to easily lift a fallen person with the aid of just one care worker. With an inbuilt backrest and internal ring construction, the Camel offers a fully supportive lift.

Case Study

Living With MS Made Easier With A Mangar ELK

 Jennifer Humphrey, Plymouth Jennifer Humphrey is 73 and lives in an assisted living apartment on the outskirts of Plymouth.  A retired accounts administrator, she is treasurer of the residents’ social [...]


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