Charlotte has compartment syndrome and cellulitis which affects her legs and feet. She also has epilepsy which is tablet controlled. Her physical conditions affect her lower limb ability and she is unable to get down on the floor and back up again. As a result of this, Charlotte is unable to complete the exercises advised by the health visitor for her 15-week old baby. To carry out the exercises, her husband has temporarily given up work but is looking to return as soon as possible.

The Mangar ELK Lifting Cushion has enabled Charlotte to get down onto the floor and back up again, attend to her baby and encourage physical development in line with the expected stages for her child. Charlotte has been able to carry out the caring responsibility she has for her baby whilst maintaining her family relationship and support the development needs of her baby.

Safe Lifting

Her husband is now able to return to work and the baby is able to continue normal development. On occasions, Charlotte has also fallen due to her legs giving way. The Mangar ELK is a useful piece of equipment for her family to assist her to get up from the floor. Provision of this equipment has helped Charlotte maintain her independence and prevented calls to any care services.

Charlotte describes the impact of the lifting cushion in her own words “It’s been brilliant, it’s little things like being able to sort his clothes out in his room and also I’m happy that on Christmas day I’ll be able to sit on the floor and open his presents with him.”

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