”What I particularly like about the Camel is that we can just grab it and run.”

Richmond Village is a five star, luxury retirement village in Northampton, where guests can select from a range of accommodation choices, including apartments for independent living, assisted living apartments and bedrooms.

Registered manager Cathy Goldsmith is always looking to ensure residents have the best possible care and enjoy life at Richmond.  Cathy discovered the Mangar Camel lifting cushion at a care exhibition and became an immediate advocate.

Cathy says, “The staff have quite a large space to cover here so when a resident falls, we need a lifting solution that allows us to get help to them quickly.”

The villages have been built to give residents an attractive, peaceful environment in which to live full and active lives.  Every village is a community within a community with coffee shops, stunning gardens, hairdressers and first class restaurants to enjoy.

Home to around 150 residents, staff are on permanent call if a resident should find themselves in any difficulty.

Cathy says, “What I particularly like about the Camel is that we can just grab it and run.  It’s so portable which means we can lift residents wherever they have fallen, whether it’s in the gardens, at home in their bathroom or in the public coffee shop.”

Another consideration for Richmond is being able to keep residents settled in their homes.

Cathy went onto say, “More often than not, if we call an ambulance they will take the resident to hospital to be checked out, which means they may spend many hours waiting in ER.

“The Camel lifting cushion has given us the option of performing the lift ourselves, with minimal fuss and in no time at all a resident can safely return to their apartment or bedroom.”

Moving fallen residents is a regular part of the working day for many healthcare professionals and Richmond recognises that when lifts are required, the Camel protects both staff and residents from further injuries that can be sustained during a manual lifting.

Mary Edwards, 90 lives in a Richmond Village assisted living apartment but has fallen a couple of times in her small hallway.

Mary says, “Staff use the Camel to get me quickly back on my feet.  It feels comfortable, secure and safe. I thoroughly approve”

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