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The service of all your staff has been first-class throughout, very helpful and extremely quick. Thank you.
Mrs Janet German,

Bedroom Aids for the Home

Mangar Health offers a range of bedroom aids that allow you to live independently in your own home in a safe and dignified way. Our two main priorities are to allow you to keep your independence and at the same time reducing the risk of injury for your carers when they are moving and handling.

Our products

One of the specialist areas here at Mangar is in the provision of aids, which make bedtime an enjoyable and risk-free part of everyday life for those who want to live independently.

Often our customers will be individuals living at home with an illness or frailty that limits movement – and of course their carers - who require a variety of aids in order to make home life a happy and safe one for all concerned.

Your buying choices

We appreciate that when purchasing from Mangar you need to be well informed, particularly when it is a product that has the potential to make such a difference to your own life. With that in mind, we work closely with a network of trusted mobility stores across the US to provide a convenient location for customers wanting to learn more about the various innovative products available to them. Not only are the products available for you to test at one of our distributing stores, but you will also be provided with a wealth of support materials that help show the true value our products can bring to your life.

The beauty of these demonstration sessions is that they can contribute towards your continual professional development when purchasing from Mangar and give you the option to touch, feel and use the equipment for yourself.

If you would rather make your decision independently and in the comfort of your own home, buy from our online store knowing that if the equipment is unsuitable you can return it free of charge.  Don’t hesitate to talk to our customer care team about your needs first, though.  They have a wealth of knowledge and experience to call on and will make sure you get the right product for your needs.


Bedroom products

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The inflatable Leglifter is a bedroom aid designed to assist people who experience difficulty when raising, lifting and transferring their legs into bed.

294lbsMaximum User Weight

The Handy Pillowlift

The Handy Pillowlift is an inflatable backrest designed to mould around the body to give patients complete comfort while sleeping.

294lbsMaximum User Weight

The Sit-u-Up Pillowlift

The Mangar Sit-u-Up Pillowlift is similar to the Handy Pillowlift as it allows patients to sit up in a comfortable position in bed, the structured backrest, however makes it the more supportive option of the two.

336lbsMaximum User Weight

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