5 Famous Celebrities You Didn’t Know Started Their Careers As EMT’s

Have you ever thought about what celebrities used to do before they became famous?

You usually hear about the ‘rags to riches’ story but it got us thinking about whether any of them used to work for our Emergency Services?

Of course, we got investigating and with some surprising results!

Here are 5 famous celebrities you didn’t know started their careers as EMTs:


Steve Buscemi



You will have seen Steve appear in films, such as, Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction and Armageddon amongst many others. Steve also narrated characters in films such as, Transformers: The Last Knight, Hotel Transylvania and is the voice of Randall from Monsters Inc.

Did you know?

Steve Buscemi started his working life as a firefighter joining the FDNY’s Engine Co.55 in Manhattan’s Little Italy section in 1980 and served with them for four years.

When questioned about why he decided to become a firefighter by a Salon interviewer, he responded;

‘My dad had encouraged me to take the civil service test when I was 18. So I did, and I kind of forgot about it until my name came up on the list four years later. By then I was living in Manhattan, working as a furniture mover during the day, doing stand-up comedy at night and looking for a change. I liked the job – the guys I worked with the nature of the work. I think I would have been happy doing it if I hadn’t had a greater passion for acting.’

Buscemi returned to Engine Company No. 55 straight after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, where he worked with for week doing 12-hour shifts to help sift through the rubble looking for survivors.


David Lee Roth



Famous American rock vocalist, musician, songwriter and lead singer of hard rock band Van Halen. David has also made appearances in films such as Despicable Me, Fast and Furious 7 and Super Bad.

Did you know?

Legendary Van Halen frontman has traded in his rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle to become a NYC Paramedic.

“I’m a state-licensed EMT in New York. I probably have over 200 911 calls on my ticket in the last six years alone. I live a very different life away from music.”

“You would never know you were dealing with a rock’n’roll guy,” said Linda Reissman, Roth’s EMS consultant and tutor. “His commitment really is touching. He wants to help people.”


Erron Kinney



Tennesse Titan, Erron Kinney, was an NFL player for seven seasons during the early 2000s. He caught his last pass on Christmas Eve in 2005, a 6-yarder from Billy Volek in the third quarter of a 24-10 loss to the Dolphins.

Did you know?

Since retiring from NFL, Erron is now a Fire Chief in Sherborn, Massachusetts.


Jack McGee



Famous American television and film actor, known for his roles in The Fighter, Legally Blonde, Coyote Ugly and Lethal Weapon 3.

Did you know?

Jack McGee was a New York City firefighter for over 10 years before quitting his job in 1987 to pursue his dream of becoming an actor.


Robert John Burke


Robert John Burke is an American Actor who is known for his roles in Gossip Girl, Law & Order, RoboCop 3 and Academy Award-Nominated film Munich.

Did you know?

Robert is currently a volunteer firefighter in Long Island, New York.

  • January 29, 2018
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