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Bedroom Aids for Senior Living

Healthcare workers in the assisted living and senior living markets are challenged daily with looking after residents to the very best of their ability – and that means maintaining their health and well-being both night and day.

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With that in mind, we have developed bedroom aids which provide safe and risk-free moving and handling options at bedtime as well as those which enable residents to have a better night’s sleep all round.

The reality is that it is the healthcare workers – not just residents - who are at risk of injury in an assisted living and / or senior living environment. Each year in this market sector around 86,000 people report non-fatal workplace injuries.

There is no doubt that the bedtime routine contributes to these figures. Yet evidence suggests that 40% of injuries due to lifting or transferring patients might have been prevented by using specialty bedtime equipment.

For many years, as part of the research and development conducted on our products, Mangar has worked directly with healthcare workers to reduce staff injuries and the associated costs while at the same time encouraging greater staff productivity because of improved back health due to a reduction of the stress and strains caused by lifting.


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Senior Living Products

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The inflatable Leglifter is a bedroom aid designed to assist people who experience difficulty when raising, lifting and transferring their legs into bed.

294lbsMaximum User Weight

Handy Pillowlift

The Handy Pillowlift is an inflatable backrest designed to mould around the body to give patients complete comfort while sleeping.

294lbsMaximum User Weight

The Sit-u-Up Pillowlift

The Mangar Sit-u-Up Pillowlift is similar to the Handy Pillowlift as it allows patients to sit up in a comfortable position in bed, the structured backrest, however makes it the more supportive option of the two.

336lbsMaximum User Weight

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