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    Service Plan – 3 Years Contract


    The 3-year Service Plan package includes an annual service.

    You can have the peace of mind that your Mangar equipment is covered in case of a breakdown.

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    Here at Mangar we offer Service Packages, that include an annual service to ensure maximum performance of your products. 

    You can have the peace of mind that your Mangar equipment is covered in case of a breakdown.

    The Service Plan Package includes an annual service.

    If purchased within 3 months of receiving your Mangar product, you will be eligible for our Early Bird discount: £142.80 inc VAT. Call us on 0800 2800 485 to take advantage of this price.

    *excludes batteries and inflatable product

    Service Length:

    5 Years, 3 Years, 1 Year

    Can I have a spare battery?

    Yes. The battery is detachable from the Airflo Plus and can be charged separately in an accessory called a cradle.

    What lifespan does the lifting cushion have?

    We expect lifting cushions (excluding batteries) will last seven years in a professional setting and 10 years for domestic use.

    How often should the lifting cushion be serviced?

    We recommend servicing your lifting cushion every 12 months.

    Are you eligible to reclaim VAT?

    If you’re disabled or have a long-term illness you don’t need to pay any VAT on products that are designed or adapted to help assist you domestically. This VAT exemption also includes product servicing, extended warranties, accessories and spare parts.

    Please let us know at the time of purchase If you think you’re eligible to reclaim VAT to ensure you’re paying the correct amount.

    To hear more about our servicing packages, extended warranties or about reclaiming VAT, contact us on either 0800 2800 485 or

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