The Top Ten Most Influential Occupational Therapists On Twitter 2018

You may have seen our 2017 list, so you’ll spot some familiar faces along with some new ones on our updated 2018 most influential Occupational Therapists on Twitter…

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Of course, in no particular order please find our Top 10 Most Influential Occupational Therapists On Twitter in 2018.


Dr Stephanie Tempest

Followers: 1,789
Profile Born: July 2013

Dr Stephanie Tempest is a Lead on Professional Development at the Royal College of Occupational Therapists.


Hayley Goodwin


Followers: 1,989

Profile Born: February 2012

Hayley Goodwin is an Occupational Therapist at

Occupational therapist at Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust and Chair at the Eastern Region RCOT ( Royal College of Occupational Therapists). Not only that, she’s a R&D lead for the specialist section of RCOT for people with learning disabilities.


Hannah OT


Followers: 1,937

Profile Born: July 2012

Hannah is an Occupational Therpists in Deaf mental health … plus we love her twitter cover photo! Go and take a look!


Helen OTUK


Followers: 6,790
Profile Born: January 2011

Helen is an Occupational Therapist and classes herself as ‘an explorer of social media professional development’ and with a current following of 6,790 we think she’s one to follow!


Stuart Barrow


Followers: 1,155
Profile Born: October 2013

Stuart Barrow is the Managing Director At Promoting Independence, which is an Occupational Therapy company specialising in Housing Adaptations, Bespoke Consultancy and running OTAC.




Followers: 3,109
Profile Born: January 2012

Rachel is a Clinical Lead Occupational Therapist (OT) in Acute and Rehab mental health services.


Dr Sarah Payne


Followers: 1,624

Profile Born: October 2009

Dr Sarah Payne is a Trustee of the Dyspraxia Foundation & occupational therapist




Followers: 1,674

Profile Born: September 2014

Kristie is an Occupational Therapist who gets involved in @OTalk and is on the Royal College of Occupational Therapists committee.


Cheryl OT


Followers: 5,040
Profile Born: June 2009

Cheryl is an Occupational Therapist who you may have heard of before because she used to write the OTnotes blog.


Julia Scott


Followers: 3,942
Profile Born: October 2015

Julia Scott made it onto last year’s list ‘Most Influential List’ as she’s made another appearance this year too! Julia is the Chief Executive of the Royal College of Occupational Therapists.

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