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    8 Celebrities With Cerebral Palsy

    For those of you who didn’t know exactly what it is or how it affects people, Cerebral Palsy is [...]

    9 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Arthritis

      It’s long been known that the symptoms of arthritis can be relieved by a long soak in a [...]

    Infographic: Treatment Of Pressure Sores

    The Ekamove is an automated, sensor controlled patient positioning system which can be programmed to meet the individual needs [...]
    Norwegian Paralympic Team travelling to South Korea get a lift from the Mangar Camel and ELK

    Norwegian Paralympic Team travelling to South Korea get a lift from the Mangar Camel and ELK

    Mangar Health’s Camel and ELK lifting cushions will be travelling to the winter Paralympics in Pyong Chang , South [...]

    New Mangar Health Employee Buys The Perfect Gift For A Loved One

    Sharron Price joined the telesales sales team in November 2017 and it didn’t take her long before she purchased [...]

    Infographic: #UpLiftingCare

    Mangar Health is working with CCGs, Health Boards and Ambulance Trusts across the UK to highlight the impact of [...]

    GP or A&E – Who Do I Go And See?

    During the winter months, both GP’s (General Practices) and Accident and Emergency departments are incredibly busy. With an increase [...]

    7 Natural Remedies for Preventing The Flu

    With the cold weather fast approaching it’s vital to prepare for what may be one of the UK’s harshest [...]

    The Importance of Getting the Flu Jab

    Flu is an unpredictable virus that in most people will cause a mild or unpleasant illness. However, the virus [...]

    How The NHS Can Help To Ease The Strain Of Winter Pressures

    We understand that winter is a challenging time for the NHS, so with the news that Britain is about to [...]

    7 Ways to Keep The Elderly Safe During Winter

    Winter is fast approaching and with the cold creeping in it’s time to start thinking about how to care [...]

    Snowmageddon To Hit Britain

    You may have read all about it in the newspapers and seen it on the news – ‘Britain’s winter [...]
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