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    Virtual Reality Helps Lonely Resident

    Virtual Reality Helps Care Home Residents

    Unfortunately, many residents in care homes can experience long periods of time without a visit from a family member or [...]

    The Top Ten Most Influential Occupational Therapists On Twitter 2018

    You may have seen our 2017 list, so you’ll spot some familiar faces along with some new ones on [...]
    X ray scan with arthritis

    8 Simple Steps To Avoiding Arthritis In Later Life

    Helping people with arthritis is one of our top priorities here at Mangar Health. In fact, it’s why we [...]
    Patrick Stewart

    13 Celebs You Didn’t Know Were Living With Arthritis

    Arthritis is an ‘umbrella’ term used to describe any condition affecting someone’s joints. Symptoms can range from joint pain [...]

    A History Of Arthritis Infographic

    Arthritis can have a terrible impact on people of all ages, genders and walks of life and has been [...]

    Sainsbury’s Makes Shoppers With Dementia Welcome

    Mangar Health recently spoke to the retailer Sainsbury’s after hearing about the trial scheme they’re running in their Prestwick [...]
    Care Home’s 1940s Transformation Helps Dementia Patients

    Care Home’s 1940s Transformation Helps Dementia Patients

    Making the move to a new retirement home can be a nerve-wracking thing to do, especially if you’re living [...]
    Dementia Residents And Their Diet

    Dementia Residents And Their Diet

    Currently, there are 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK and if you’re a carer then you may [...]

    Top Ten Most Influential Tissue Viability Nurses On Twitter – 2018 Edition

    Tissue Viability is often seen as a ‘niche’ speciality and yet the work Tissue Viability Nurses (TVN’s) do has [...]

    Have Your Care Home Residents Tried Laughter Yoga?

    At Bishopston Court Care Home in Cork, Ireland, residents have been participating in a different type of yoga … [...]

    Pressure Ulcers: What Are They And How Can You Prevent Them

    What Is A Pressure Ulcer? Simply put, a pressure ulcer is localised damage that occurs to the skin and/or [...]

    Infographic: How To Talk To Someone With Cerebral Palsy

    Sometimes it can feel a little uncomfortable taling to someone with cerebral palsy because you might not know what to [...]
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