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"‘I was surprised how strong and durable the cushion is and how easy it is to use. It’s a handy piece of equipment for the team to have and will help protect us from potential injuries and provide a safe lift for our patients.’"
Nick Richards Ozzati, Community First Responder

"Ward Byrne called in this morning to demonstrate the 'Camel'. He gave a brilliant demonstration and we were so impressed with the Camel that we ordered one straight away, particularly as my 91 year old mother fell in the early hours of this morning and it would have saved hours of her on her bottom on the floor. We were so impressed with the rigidness of the 'seat' and its stability too. Also it is up and running and doing its job in a very short time too. I look forward to receiving the Camel as soon as it is possible. "
John Bell-Irving,

"This morning we had a visit from Mr Byrne whom we had contacted re buying a bathing cushion. He arrived exactly on time and was most efficient and pleasant in demonstrating how the cushion works. We had bought a Mangar cushion some eight years ago - also from Mr Byrne - and the more modern airflo pump is substantially different from the original. Mr Byrne was extremely patient in explaining how to operate the new pump as I confess that I’m a complete technophobe! My husband and I feel that Mr Byrne is a great asset to your company and we will have no hesitation in calling on his services in future or in recommending Mangar to any of our friends. "
Catherine Thom,

"The concept of lifting awkward etc loads by inflating an air cushion underneath them is I think simple and effective - I recall my late father who was in charge of maintaining RAF bomber planes at various airfields in WW2 saying they often used such methods to lift aircraft that had belly-landed etc. So your product is really a well-conceived variation on this theme. Personally, it means to me quite simply the freedom of being able to take a bath which I hadn't been able to do without very great difficulty because of lack of balance after brain surgery and lack of use of one arm as a result of a rotator cuff fracture meaning that I can't lift myself out of a normal bath without a lot of assistance. So, I now wouldn't want ever to be without this aid. "
David Boyd,

"We received a complaint from a member of the public that an elderly relative had fallen in the hospital during visiting time. They had asked staff for help to get up and been lifted using a hoist. This had caused the elderly visitor some distress. They felt a hoist was undignified and shouldn’t be used on ‘non-patients’. I had come across the Mangar Camel before and recognised that for uninjured people who have fallen, an inflatable lifting cushion provides a comfortable, dignified lift while still protecting staff from injury. I recommended the introduction of Camels into our hospitals. We now keep the lifting cushions stored centrally and easily accessible on medical wards."
Kevin, Good Hope Hospital

"Using the Mangar lifting cushions means our residents can be raised to their feet with minimal fuss. They are comfortable, dignified and don’t feel as though they are causing a scene and upsetting fellow residents. This means anxiety levels are kept to a minimum, which is vital for anyone with dementia."
Delroy Bonnitto, Perry Tree Centre

"More often than not, if we call an ambulance they will take the resident to hospital to be checked out, which means they may spend many hours waiting in A&E. The Camel lifting cushion has given us the option of performing the lift ourselves, with minimal fuss and in no time at all a resident can safely return to their apartment or bedroom."
Cathy Goldsmith, Richmond Retirement Village

"As I lost the ability to move my legs myself, getting into bed became a task we struggled with each evening. The Leglifter not only does the job but also means I am happy in the knowledge that my carers are not going to be injured while helping me."
Jennifer Humphrey,

"Our telecare service is a great way of supporting vulnerable people to live well in their own home. When someone falls we respond quickly and as long as they are uninjured, use the ELK lifting cushion to raise them off the floor. We rely on the ELK lifting cushion for every lift we do, even when the fall has happened in a confined space such as a bathroom or kitchen."
Matthew, Carecall

"Our team use a Mangar Lifting Cushion to raise the fallen person from the floor. The cushions provide a safe lift for the resident but also help prevent musculoskeletal injury to our staff. Because of the amount of falls we attend, the lifting cushions are used every day and have been for nearly 10 years. They are a reliable piece of equipment that we wouldn’t be without."
Heather Rimmer, Norfolk Swift Response

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