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    Safe Patient Lifting for Care Homes

    Statistics show that while 50% of adults aged over 80 will fall at least once a year (NICE), in care homes this is three times more likely to happen. In 45% of cases, the person who has fallen is uninjured (Cardiff University) but the ambulance service is routinely called to assist with a lift.

    If a resident in uninjured, the ambulance service will appropriately categorise the call as ‘green’, which can lead to long delays before a paramedic arrives.  Delayed recovery can lead to more serious health impacts for the resident. 20% of fall patients over 65 admitted to hospital have been on the ground an hour or more, as a result of this 50% of these patients will die within six months. (Vellas et al)


    Increasingly, care homes are reviewing their post fall management procedures and introducing lifting equipment to safely lift uninjured fallen residents.  We understand how important it is to health assess residents before lifting and have launched ISTUMBLE, an algorithm designed to help carers check for various factors such as trauma, bleeding, breathing difficulties, Stroke etc. Devised by The Ambulance Service, the algorithm will support care homes make good lifting decisions.

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